Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Another Doodle Update

With lots going on at the moment I’ve not been doing as many of my late night doodles as usual. However, I have just got round to uploading a dozen quick-fire drawings from last week.
The thing that I like about automatic drawing is that at the moment you put pen to paper you don’t know what will appear in front of you. Your brain is just a split second in front of what you are doing – instantly reacting to the mark that you are currently making. Sometimes you slow down and feel that the drawing is going in a certain direction, and at this point it becomes more considered. At other times the marks just fly out onto the paper as if drawn by some external force. And when these ones work out you kinda feel guilty about taking credit for them.
But, as I said before, with this approach they can be a bit hit and miss - so please don’t judge them too harshly.


Joanne Baker said...

I love automatic drawing, most the time I find it is the only way I can produce a drawing. I think I get a little addicted to the unpredictable nature of it.

Wayne Chisnall said...

I know what you mean about being addicted to the unpredictable nature of automatic drawing. I was up till 6 this morning having worked all through the night (whilst half-watching a few films) on a drawing. I wasn't happy with how it started so through sheer bloody mindedness I kept kept on drawing and over-drawing until something interesting emerged.