Monday, 12 August 2019

Jacob's Ladder

As much as I love drawing and making preliminary sketches for future artworks sometimes it's quite liberating to just paint straight onto the canvas and work it out as you go along. Although, saying that, my latest oil painting, 'Jacob's End Of Days Escape Plan' was based upon one of the four small postcard paintings (a speedily executed piece, as I'd previously been working on other paintings all that day and became tired and needed to get to bed) I recently did the Oli Bennett Charity Postcard Sale (see my previous post). 

'Jacob's End Of Days Escape Plan', oil painting by Wayne Chisnall

However, when I started this new painting I decided to put the pencil aside and just go with brush and paint. I've been doing this a lot more of late and have found it gives the finished work a more spontaneous and less laboured feel.

The ladder theme has popped up a few times in my work, for various reasons, and I suspect that it might continue to do so.