Wednesday, 26 September 2012

FACK#1 – Opening Party – Tues 2nd Oct

On Tuesday 2nd October (6:30-9pm) we will be having an opening party for FACK#1 – the first art exhibition to feature work by the ever expanding FACK visual art community. The exhibition takes place at the Kensington and Chelsea College's new gallery space in Hortensia Road, London SW10 0QS and if you are reading this blog then you are more than welcome to come along.
The show runs from 3rd - 11th October and features an artists' seminar on Tuesday 9th October, from 7 -9 pm.

As part of the show I will be exhibiting my recently completed Orifice Tower sculpture along with work by 13 other artists - Joanna Sands, Yuko Shibata, Eve Wright, Clare Burnett, Susan Forsyth, Jens Marott, Vaclav Bajer, C. Morey de Morand, Vinita Khanna, Denise Bryan, Leigh Glover, Almuth Tebbenhoff and Ed Jones.

FACK is a forum for visual artists that delivers talks and information about creative practice and has created a community which allows artists a platform for discussion and debate. If you are an artist and wish to join FACK then please feel free to check us out.

Private View on Tuesday 2nd October from 6.30 to 9pm.

Kensington and Chelsea College. Hortensia Road, London SW10 0QS
Open Monday to Thursday 10.00 to 18.00 and Friday 10.00 to 16.00.

You can join FACK! for free, publish your profile and events, and be eligible for upcoming opportunities.

FACK! Forum for Visual Artists
Twitter @fackartists

Friday, 21 September 2012

Morphed Components Print

Today I popped over to East Ham in East London to visit the chaps at Mula Printing and to see how my new prints are coming along. These guys work with some of the big names in Street Art so whenever I go round to their print studio it's always interesting to see what they've got in the pipeline.

The set of screen prints that they are producing for me are based upon my Morphed Components drawing. In the screen printing process they are using a special ink that is combined with graphite powder and which, when pushed through the mesh of the printing screen, will produce an image that closely resembles the original pencil drawing.
The purpose of my visit today was to check out the shade of the ink (and I must say that being the pros that they are, they got it spot on) and to work out where we need to crop the paper – hence my scribbly lines that you can see on the test print, in the photo.
 The prints are going to be available from the end of next week and will be in a signed and numbered edition of 50, on sheets of 54 x 52 cm archival paper. If you would like to reserve one then please feel free to drop me a line at .

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bye Bye Greeny

It's fourteen years since I first made my life-sized pre-assembly model kit sculpture (cast from my own body parts in twelve sections) and now I've had to say good bye to my Green Man as it has found a new home in the heart of London's medical district. The official, full title of the piece is 'And When I'm a Man (I'll Think as a Man)' but in conversation I always end up calling it the Green Man for short.

 Anyway, here it is – installed in its new and rather salubrious surroundings at Dawood and Tanner's specialist dental practice in Marylebone. As dental practices go, Dawood and Tanner are truly something special. Not only do they seem to be leading the way in the use of 3D scanning and rapid prototyping techniques in the medical field (check out the interesting cabinet of fabricated skull sections in their lobby) but Andrew Dawood is a talented artist himself, putting this fascinating technology to good use in his own sculptures - some of which are also on display at the practice.