Sunday, 22 March 2015

Secret Revealed (RCA Secret 2015)

As this year's RCA Secret has now been and gone, it's safe to reveal which pieces were mine. Although, to anyone who's familiar with my recent work, or drawing styles in general, it probably wasn't too difficult to spot my entries.

This year I submitted 3D postcards; as I've often done in previous RCA Secrets. This time they were in the form of hand-made plywood boxes, covered in black ink line drawings.

The drawings are based upon the ones that I made for my current on-going sculpture/drawing, 'Tattooed Tumour Box'.

All the drawings are a mixture of objects and bits of random materials (that I collect for potential use in my sculptures), morphed together with forms that I just make up.

These first three postcards are the ones that appeared in the London RCA Secret show, whilst the fourth one appeared in the RCA Secret Dubai.

Here, to give an all round view, I've Photoshopped together the five illustrated sides of one of the four postcards.