Sunday, 31 August 2014

Half Price Print Sale (all of September)

Two blog posts in one day – this has gotta be a record for me.

My birthday month is almost upon us (yes, I greedily choose the celebrate my birthday over a wider time scale than some. In fact, as a friend's wedding will also be falling within September, I plan to hijack his celebrations too) so to celebrate I'm having a 50% off sale on all of my prints on paper.

The regular, eleven months of the year, prices are in-keeping with that of the galleries that sell my work for me, but September is a carefree month. She doesn't care about galleries and their rules. She wants to let her hair down and run naked through the.... er, sorry... where was I? Oh yes! September – half price prints sale!

So, from tomorrow onwards, until September 30th, my Swirly Skulls (black and white) screen print will be £60, Swirly Skulls on Pink will be £70, Morphed Components (my personal favourite, and now tying in with my current sculpture project – see previous post) will be £80, and the Spidey Pods screen prints will be £100 each.

So if you'd like one of my screen prints while they're still half price drop me a line at and I'll exchange you a big bit of paper for some smaller ones.

Tattooed Tumour Box - Progress Report #1

Most of the structural work for my new sculpture, Tattooed Tumour Box, is already built. It's now just a matter of coming up with the drawings, transferring them onto the numerous plywood sections, and then assembling the work.

The time consuming stages now are going to be coming up with the new drawings, which are mostly based upon sketches of found objects that I've been collecting, along with elements of my existing sculptures, and bits that I just make up as I go along (all morphed together). Although the act of getting the drawing onto the sculpture can be very laborious in itself, as I first have to sketch out the idea, trace it in ink onto tracing paper, re-draw over the lines on the tracing paper when I transfer the image to the plywood, then re-draw it again when I ink in the final image on the sculpture's surface. It's a bloody good job that I enjoy what I do!
As this isn't exactly going to be five minute affair I thought that I'd post some images from various stages of the process as it progresses. Above is a photo of one of the sides of the main cube section of the sculpture, after the final inking-in stage. 

All the drawings that I'm making for this project take their lead from an earlier drawing that I came up with, called Morphed Components, and it's this drawing that forms the starting point for the sculpture's 'tattoo'. In the top right-hand corner of this scan of the inked-up tracing you can see that I've indicated the area where one particular section of the drawing folds back over another part of the same drawing, as it moves around a corner section of the sculpture. This is proving to be an 'interesting' aspect of the process that I'm quickly learning to factor in.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

SUM OF THEIR PARTS - Toronto Exhibition.

It seems I'm getting a bit exhibition greedy this month. Not content with being in just one art show, four days before my work comes down at Candid Gallery in Islington, London on 25th, I'll be exhibiting work at the #Hashtag Gallery in Toronto, Canada.

Co-curatored by Johnny Hollick (#Hashtag Gallery founder) and Rob Collinet (See The Ghost), the show features work by a selection of international mixed media, sculpture, and assemblage artists; all linked by their passion for upcycling.

As well as work from the co-curators, the show will feature pieces from Flavio Falena (Italy), Ben Frost (Australia/Canada), Melissa Moffat (Canada), My Dog Sighs (UK), Aaron Rinas (Canada), Jason Rowland (USA), What Have I Done Now (UK), and more besides.

For my part I'll be exhibiting two small sculptures, 'Despairoscope' and 'Spider Box', along with a few screen prints.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the opening reception, but if you happen to be in the area and would like to pop along then please remember to RSVP to RSVP@HASHTAGGALLERY.COM.
August 21st – September 7th
Reception August 21st @ 7pm (RSVP A MUST)
On Facebook  |  On Eventbrite

#Hashtag Gallery
801 Dundas Street West (south side)
Toronto, ON. M6J 1V2. Canada

For all media inquiries and questions:

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Candid Arts Summer Show

From Friday 15th to Sunday 24 August I'll being exhibiting a few of my recent 2D works at the Candid Gallery's Summer Exhibition in Islington (just behind Angel tube station), London.

If you would like to join us for an early viewing of the work, over a beer or glass of wine, then pop along to the preview evening on Thursday 14th, between 6:30-9pm. And please feel free to bring along friends and family.
I dare say that I'll be continuing the celebrations afterwards, at the Old Red Lion Theatre, just over the road from Candid.