Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sunburn on the South Bank

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Writing On The Wall event at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank this Saturday just gone – especially Mr James White, without who’s assistance I definitely wouldn’t have got the sculpture finished in the allotted six hours.
At first we thought that we would pace ourselves in case we finished the piece before the 4 pm deadline but as 2 O’clock came round we suddenly got the fear as we realised that 2 hours to design, cut and sew a cloak (including making and attaching the arm sections) was not a lot of time. Fortunately we managed to complete the work with a few seconds to spare and judging from the amount of kids who were playing with it while we were still making it and the number of adults having their photos taken along side it, I think it was a successful project.
Even with the early morning start and the showery weather meaning that we had to move the roof-top after party downstairs to inside the Queen Elizabeth Hall, everyone involved seemed to have a great time. Apologies however to everyone if I wasn’t very chatty on the day but the mixture of sleep deprivation and sun burn had taken its toll. By 11 pm as the United Underground part of the event wound down I was definitely ready for bed (after a couple of quick pints in the pub first – obviously).

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A5 Magazine – Hero Issue

Dreams of Being Batman, originally uploaded by Wayne Chisnall.
The new Hero issue of A5 magazine will be featuring a photo (taken on the set of the soon to be released feature film, ‘Scratch’) of my ‘Dreams of Being Batman’ sculpture. It is out now and features 65 works by 62 creators from all over the world. All images in the magazine appear in Black and white, printed on 72 pages and bound in a way that the pages can be easily separated and hung wherever where ever you wish. Each issue is printed in a limited edition of 1500 copies.

A5 Magazine is a non profit tri-annual printed magazine and presents works from various fields of art and design based on a given theme, with previous themes being Beginning, Fantasy, Obsession, Portrait, Future, Sex and Childhood.

You can see online versions of the mag at but I suggest checking out some of the hundreds of amazing and funny images that they have at -

The creative team behind A5 are Keren and Golan Gafni from Studio Keren and Golan in Tel-Aviv, Israel,graphic designers who specialize in the printed media and Tali Green, also a graphic designer.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Corruption Incarnate (work in progress)

In preparation for tomorrow’s ‘Writing On The Wall’ at the South Bank I’ve been working on the framework for my piece – working title, ‘Corruption Incarnate’. As the theme for this event (organised by Ctrl+Alt+Shift) is Corruption, I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and on the day I will be creating a very over the top, camp-gothic creature – complete with dripping talons and a black cloak. To emphasize the corruption element the creature will be made out of dollar bills, have a gold snout that appears to be dripping black oil and have an exaggerated Nosferatu-like body.
The logistics of creating the framework for the sculpture have made this an interesting project to work on. And in some ways it will be a shame when I have to eventually cover the figure in its cloak, and hide the supporting armature. But that’s me I suppose – more interested in the process and the underlying structure than the end product.

To find out more about this event, check out –

Spidey Pods Print

'Spidie Pods' Print, originally uploaded by Wayne Chisnall.

Roll up, roll up - You've seen the stickers - now buy the print.

I've been a bit remiss on the old salesman front lately so I thought it about time that I gave the Spidey Pods prints another mention. So here's the details -

Each print is a signed and numbered, limited edition 3 colour silk screen print on high grade, archival paper. Dimensions: 58 x 54 cm. Price: £100 unframed, although I do have a small number for sale, mounted in custom made, white, box frames for £150 (cost price for the frame). These framed prints can be collect direct from my Bethnal Green, London studio or delivered directly to London addresses. Anywhere outside of London and I can't guarantee that the picture glass will arrive intact so sorry but only unframed prints can be sent to these areas.

If you are interested in purchasing a print please contact me at

I thank you.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Art, Music & Party

Ctrl_Alt_WOW-flier1[1], originally uploaded by Wayne Chisnall.

Well, Saturday 18th July looks like being a fun filled day. From 10 am till 4pm myself and a whole gang of artists will be creating artwork on the theme of ‘Corruption’, as part of Ctrl+Alt+Shift’s ‘Writing On The Wall’ event at the Southbank Centre (on the Riverside Terrace outside Queen Elizabeth Hall) in London. After the event finishes at 4 pm, all the work will be taken inside the Queen Elizabeth Hall where a winning piece will be selected. As to whether this is decided by the voting public or by a judging panel, I don't yet know. But whatever the outcome, I think that everyone involved is just looking to have a bit of fun on the day. To find out more about this event, check out –

As the only 3D practitioner in the group (the others being graffiti artists) I was initially a bit worried as to what I could actually achieve, sculpturally, in just 6 hours. Normally I work to a calendar, not a clock. So I’ve come up with a compromise and have been working on some interconnecting components that can be assembled on the day. Is that cheating? Maybe. Also, I'd like thank fellow artist, James White, who has kindly agreed to double up as my glamorous assistant on the day. Don't worry - he's promised not to wear his little sequined number.

And if that is not enough for you then Ctrl+Atl+Shift will be hosting ‘UNITED UNDERGROUND’, a rooftop party later in the evening (5-11 pm, tickets £5 or £2.5 for students). Details of which can be found at -
or on the Facebook page -

Below are a few details of the who and what will be going on at the party –

Music plus activism.

You don't have to leave London for a summer festival experience. Across the spaces of Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall - including the reopening of the roof as a venue space - hosted by Ctrl.Alt.Shift, British Underground and actor and musician Riz Ahmed/ Riz MC, United Underground is a unique mix of cutting-edge street culture, music, artwork, fanzines and film set against a backdrop of new-school activism.

The event has been specifically created to promote active engagement with new music and its potential as a catalyst for change.

An amazing line-up of artists and speakers so far includes:
Plan B
Man Make Music
Afrikan Boy
Professor Green
Ice Kid + Dirty Canvas
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
Illaman, Rattus Rattus, Klose One (Urban Nerds), Theoretical Girl, Gabriel Prokofiev, The Official Secrets Act (One Little Indian Records), Maverick Sabre, Nathan Flutebox Lee, Jamie Woon, True Tiger, Speakers Corner, Dj Djinn, Noel Clarke, Peter Kosminsky, Ali Alizadeh, London 4 London, London Coaltion Against Poverty, Countryside Alliance

United Underground takes place:
- On the Roof. Live music alternating with activists and speakers from across the cultural, social and political spectrum;
- Inside the Building. Live music and DJ sets hosted by London's best underground clubs; the live creation of a dedicated fanzine by Ctrl.Alt.Shift, documenting the event as it happens; and, new short films and features selected by talent spotters at Film London and Ctrl.Alt.Shift.