Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Half Price Print Sale (for next 30 days)

It's been a few years since I last had one of my print sales and I've decided it's about time I had another. So for the next thirty days I'm offering a selection of my prints at half their regular price. If you'd like one at 50% discounted price drop me an email at WAYNECHISNALL@YAHOO.CO.UK
Here are the ones that are included in the sale -

IF THEY WERE BUNNIES (£90 instead of £180)

I created the original image for 'If They Were Bunnies' by first selecting a newspaper image of British police officers attacking demonstrators. I then painted out the protestors - replacing them with my own cartoon rabbits. I'm pleased with the contrast between the crisp graphic line work of the bunnies and the just about perceptible halftone modulations of the newspaper image.

Printed using cutting edge Epson® HDX Ultrachrome archival pigments inks, as opposed to ordinary dye-base inks, which are more prone to fading over prolonged exposure to UV light, and printed on Hahnemuhle Bright White 310 gsm; an acid-free, premium heavy-weight archival paper. The image is 45.5 x 33 cm, and the paper size is 50.5 x 39.3 cm. Each print is signed and editioned (being from a limited edition of 100). The prints are also embossed with an authentication stamp in the lower left corners of the border.

SPIDEY PODS (£100 instead of £200)

The Spidey Pods piece came about through the merging of a few different ideas or interests. Part of it was to do with my interest in nostalgia, childhood perceptions of adulthood and childhood heroes (hence the elements of the 70s style Spiderman costume). The work was also influenced by an interest in forms that reoccur within larger forms. Just prior to making the preparatory drawing for the Spidey Pods piece I had been peeling back the skin of a segment of orange and marvelling at the mass of smaller pod-like segments that it was made up of.
It was whilst sketching out the initial drawing that I also remembered a scene from the original 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers', in which the main character from the movie finds himself in the back of a truck, on top of a pile of giant pods. So again, there is this reworking of nostalgic elements, as films have been another important influence throughout my life (especially during my childhood).

Limited edition, hand-printed, silk-screen prints on acid-free, archival high grade paper. Signed and numbered. Edition of 300 (although less than 100 have so far been printed and it's unlikely that any more will be printed).
Dimensions: 58 x 53 cm.

MORPHED COMPONENTS (£80 instead of £160)

The 'Morphed Components' prints are based upon one of my pencil drawings, in which I morphed together elements of different found objects and materials that I'd been collecting for use in my sculptures. Unlike my recent quick-fire drawings this one harks back to the draughtsmanship style I used when I first started out as a technical illustrator for one of the big Japanese companies back in the 80s. I found it interesting using the same precise and clinical rendering that I used back then, on something that is personal to what I do now. Some people have said that they find the drawing a bit disturbing but I find it quite relaxing to stare at (the original hangs on the wall at the foot of my bed).

In order to give the prints a subtle pencily (that's not a real word is it?) quality the screen prints were hand-pulled using an ink made with graphite powder. As with all my other screen prints, these are also printed on archival quality paper and each one is signed and editioned. The paper dimensions are 54 x 52 cm and the print run is an edition of 60 plus five artist's proofs

Title:Morphed Components
Dimensions: 54 x 52 cm (approx)
Medium:silk-screen prints (hand printed) on acid-free paper
Colours:1 (graphite powder ink)

SWIRLY SKULLS ON PINK (£70 instead of £140)

For those of you who love skulls but with a shade of femininity, here’s my two colour, ‘Swirly Skulls on Pink’ screen print. They come in a strictly limited edition of 50 and each print is signed, titled, editioned, dated, and printed on archival paper. The paper dimensions are 70 x 50 cm (larger than my single colour, ‘Swirly Skulls’ prints which are 60 x 45 cm).

If you are interested in any of the prints (temporarily at half price) just drop me an email at waynechisnall@yahoo.co.uk