Thursday, 23 April 2009

Very Limited Edition £20 Print

This is my contribution to the 'edition / power in numbers' show which is a screen-printing exhibition featuring the work of 40 artists. It is being curated and organised by Fred Higginson (Print Club London) and James Hurst (Cure Studio). The image is taken from one of my sketch books and is the original drawing that led to my recent edition of 3 colour Spidey Pods prints.
The exhibition includes work by artists from Pakistan, Germany, Isreal, France, Norway and the UK. It is a mixture of established and emerging artists. All of the work will be an edition of 50 - all of it will be one colour and all of it will have been hand pulled by either Fred or James.
All of the prints will be 50cm x 50cm and cost £20. Once a print has sold out, it has gone. There will be a cash only store at the gallery so if you're interested remember to bring cash, not cards.
The exhibition will take place from Thursday 7th (opening night) – Sunday 23rd May at the Bodhi Art Gallery, Brick Lane. The gallery is split across two floors with a cafe and bar area, and is situated in the heart of East London.
Throughout the life of the show there will be a shop based at the gallery selling copies of the work, an eclectic series of talks and events based around the theme power in numbers and a screenprint bed that will be used for live printing demonstrations and workshops.
Once the gallery show has closed we will continue to sell the prints at Bodhi Art Gallery, on the Print Monger market stall, online and at future events.

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