Thursday, 2 April 2009

London to Venice

Fledgling Process Drawing, originally uploaded by Wayne Chisnall.

Here is my entry for the Travelling Light exhibition which will start off at the WW Gallery in London, then travel on to a palazzo between the Accademia Galleries and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, within the orbit of the Venice Biennale.
This piece is a large ink drawing on tracing paper, showing a small selection of redrawn images from my sketchbooks. The idea was to try and show some of the thought processes that I go through when I'm working on ideas for new work - and how some of the pieces evolve or morph into new ones. I don't think that it holds together as a conventional drawing but that wasn't really my intention when I started it. I wanted it seem more like a visual mind map where ideas leak into one another. It was an interesting piece to work on because I started to realise just how much of my work is influenced by earlier pieces that I've done, and by reoccurring themes that run through much of what I do.

So here's the details for the shows -
The exhibition starts off at the WW Gallery, running from 15-28 May, then moves on to Venice, running from 6-11 June. I'm hoping to make it over to Venice this year for the Biennale but if you can't make it that far then please come and join us for the opening party at the WW Gallery on Friday 15th May 2009 from 6-9pm.

WW Gallery
30 Queensdown Rd
London E5 8NN
Nearest stations: Hackney Downs
BR (5 mins from Liverpool St.), Hackney Central BR.
Open Sat-Sun 12-6pm and by appointment during exhibitions.


Anonymous said...

Looking good... congratulations! Sadly, i'm sure i can make it to either show, but i hope it goes well!

hattie collins said...

yo that shit is KERAZZZY! Nice work Wino