Friday, 7 October 2022

Out Of The Box

I'm delighted to announce the publication of a new art book called 'Out Of The Box', that features box-related artworks by a wide range of artists, including myself. I'd like to say a massive thank you to the artist, Tom Buchanan, for all the time and hard work he's put into getting this project off the ground. 

Not only is the book beautiful but I'm pleased to see that the cover features work by amazing artist, Nancy Fouts, a friend of mine who sadly passed away very recently. I remember Nancy as hard drinking, chain smoking, and very funny, but that might be because I first met her as part of a group of artists, out partying during the opening week of one of the Venice Biennales, so we were all living a little excessively that week. 

As well as Nancy's inclusion in the book there are works by numerous other very talented artists, including Sir Peter Blake, D*Face, Jimmy Cauty (formerly of the band, The KLF), Lisa Woollett, Wolfgang Stiller, Kim Keever, Daniel Agdag, Michael Johansson, Kurt Tong, Mohamed Hafez, Hari & Deepti, Julie Liger-Belair, Frank Jennings, David Buckingham, Micah Lexier, Frank Kunert, Peter Quinnell, and many many more.

As you can see in this little video that I made the morning that the book arrived through my letterbox, it features four of my sculptures, Crutch and Tumour Box, Tattooed Tumour Box, Horned Orifice God Box, and two photos of my Nail Box sculpture. 

For anyone who would like to order a copy of the book you might like to know that I ordered my copy from Not only are they cheaper than the next cheapest, Amazon and Blackwells, but for every purchase from them they make a donation to an independent book shop close to you. As a massive bibliophile myself, I'm all for anything that helps independent book shops stay afloat, especially in these difficult times.

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