Thursday, 22 May 2008

Me at The Battersea Contemporary Art Fair

BCAF_2008 015, originally uploaded by Wayne Chisnall.
This is me and my stand at the 2008 Battersea Contemporary Art Fair. The fair took place at the Battersea Arts Centre from the 16th-18th May.

It was pretty tiring doing the stand but I met some fantastic people and there was a lot of interest in my work. The three most popular pieces that I exhibitied were the sculpture, Nail Box, and the two paintings Kitchen Blue (seen here in the photo) and The Ambassadors. I had to keep on my toes for the entire time I was there because Nail Box was sitting on top of a tall thin plinth and people kept catching their clothes and bags on it as they leaned in for a closer look. More than once I had to make a lunge to catch it as it tried to leave with a visitor.

Most people think that the figure in the painting, Kitchen Blue, is a bloke but it's actually a girl called Joolz. She just had very short hair at the time.

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