Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Time To Move - Again

Well, it looks like I’ve got to look for a new studio. The warehouse that I’m currently living and working in, in East London’s Bethnal Green, is about to be re-developed.
I suppose that this is just part of the ongoing cycle of the art community migration. The artists move into the run-down parts of the city and take over the disused industrial units because they are cheap and offer lots of space to work in. Then cool cafes, bars and galleries etc sprout up around them and finally the property developers make everything look lovely and expensive – and the artists move onto the next cheap and undesirable location.
At least I have until the end of the year (the end of January at a push) to find a new space to live and work. So if anyone out there knows of a suitable location (as you can see from the photo of my current place, I’m not going to be disappointed if the new place is not exactly a show home), preferably in or close to East London, please let me know about it.
I can be contacted at Cheers.

On a different note - congratulations to Jakob and everyone else who worked on 'Scratch' (see the post below). The film looked amazing and I was pleased to see that my sculptures not only made it into the final edit, but were there in the opening scene. I even saw a postcard for one of my exhibitions strategically placed on a wall next to the main character in one of the scenes - nice touch guys! It was also pretty amazing to see my name roll down a full sized cinema screen during the closing credits. Now that's not something you see everyday.

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