Saturday, 21 November 2009

RCA Secet Postcards Revealed

Congratulations to Cade Newman who correctly guessed which were my three postcards in this year’s RCA Secret show. A prize (probably a drawing or a small painting) will be winging its way to you shortly. The exhibition numbers were 821, 1007 and 1713.

Although, I would have awarded an extra special prize to anyone who had got number 1700 (bottom left) which was entered under my alias - Chig.

I’ve already had some fantastic feed back from people that I met in the crowd at the RCA Secret and who I gave free prints to (see my earlier post ‘Free Art’). One person was pleased to receive a print, especially since one of my postcards (which she managed to buy) was first on her list. And considering the quality of the art on show this year, I’m very flattered that one of my pieces was on anyone first choice list.


Cade said...

awesome, thanks, wayne. sorry i didn't see you in line yesterday.

Wayne Chisnall said...

No probs matey - I'll get that prize to you soon.