Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ollie Bennett Secret Cards

Once again the Ollie Bennett Secret Cards sale is almost upon us. I will be up in Shropshire, attending my Gran's birthday party on the evening of the sale so I'd planned to enter the raffle to try and assure myself a chance of getting my sticky fingers on one or two of my favourite cards from the show. But unfortunately I spent most of this weekend working on designs for an upcoming project and missed the raffle entry deadline – pants! So I DEMAND that whoever ends up buying my favourite entry by the painter, Elinor Evans, grant me visiting rights... Phew!!!! Okay... I've put it behind me now... time to move on!

This year I've donated six pieces to the charity, but as it's a secet (you only find out which card has been created by which artist once you've bought it) here's an image of one of my postcard-sized pencil sketches from last year's sale.

The sale takes place at Westminster School, London SW1P 3PB, this Friday (21st June) from 6:30-8:30 pm, but you can click here for further details.

Here's a bit about the charity (lifted from their site) -
“Oli Bennett was a young man killed in the 9/11 world trade centre attack. The charity is set up in his name to provide funding and grants for young people with business ideas, many of who are from an underprivileged background. It operates in a similar way to the Prince’s Trust. The fund has helped a wide variety of young people in the past set up businesses as wide ranging as wood recycling, sports coaching, fashion designing, jewellery making, ceramics, Car valeting, cake making etc.”


Cenner Hice said...

Six pieces, eh? Two blue, two yellow and two red. I think they have been spotted. (Cheezy grin). I'll be on an island off the southern coast, but was lucky in the raffle. If I get the one you want, you can have a peek. It's on my list.

Happy birthday to Granny Chig.

Cenner Hice said...

Six cards, eh? Two blue, two yellow and two red. I think they've been spotted. (Cheezy grin). I won't be able to go either, but if I get the one you want, you can have a peek.

Happy birthday to Granny Chig.

Wayne Chisnall said...

Yeah, I thought saying 'six cards' was a bit of a give-away! :D