Monday, 10 June 2013

Alumni Show

This year, for the first time, my old college, The University of Northampton decided to host an Alumni Art Exhibition alongside their student end of year shows. And I was very pleased to have been invited to be in the show. The exhibitions run till Friday 21st June but I went along to the opening night on Thursday and had fun catching up with a few old college friends, tutors and technicians.

The piece that I'm exhibiting is a tall, thin, wall-mounted, low-relief sculpture called 'Orifice'. It's not a new piece but it is the inspiration behind one of the themes currently running through my work. I'm not sure whether 'incestuous' or 'self referential' best describes my sculptural work these days. I have noticed that not only do certain physical motifs keep reappearing in a lot of my pieces but that elements from different sculptures are now combining in newer works – almost as if they have been cross-breeding.

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