Saturday, 1 October 2016

Stonewall Charity Auction – Work In Progress

I'm currently working with a new material (well, new to me), and whenever I get to play with a new technique or material I get quite excited, and often frustrated, as I work out what the materials can do, and how far I can push them. This new material is resin. I originally bought it for use in my sculptural work but for now I'm drawing/painting with it, and am working on a body of charcoal and resin drawings on paper, and charcoal, resin, and acrylic paintings on paper. It's fascinating stuff to work with and, depending upon how you combine or use the two or three materials on the paper, the resulting outcomes are incredibly diverse and often less than predictable. So far I've produced around ten new pieces – but I'll post about them some time soon.

For now I'm working on a piece for a charity auction organised by the leading LGBT equality charity, Stonewall. From 1-10 November Stonewall will be hosting Stonewall Season, a series of events that celebrate LGBT life, culture and people, and it will culminate in a Closing Celebrating event that includes an art exhibition and charity auction.

The theme for the Stonewall Season is #ByMySide. And as you can see, I've cleverly avoided being clever, and drawn two figures holding hands whilst standing side-by-side. I'm not quite sure why the figures ended up looking like skeletal aliens – I think that I was trying to approach the drawings with an economy of line.

As I'm still finding my way with the resin, and to reduce the amount of time I have to spend stretching paper, I'm working on three different versions of the drawing on one piece of paper (and will choose the most interesting one for the auction, once they are all completed). The drawing/painting on the right of the photo is at it's finished stage, as I don't want to over work it, but the other two are works in progress so will probably end up looking very different.

I rarely post images of works-in-progress – not because I don't want to give away any of my processes, but because I feel that a lot of works-in-progress just look like bad art. Maybe it's an ego thing.

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