Monday, 15 August 2016

Creative Debuts – Artist of The Day

I'd like to say a big thank you to the wonderful team at Creative Debuts for making me their Artist of The Day, and featuring my work right across their social media platforms.

Sun Worshippers #1
Creative Debuts are a London-based group set up to champion emerging artists and designers, and offer a free global platform for creatives to sell, showcase and rent artwork. They have an exhibition space at the Black and White Building, right in the heart of the terribly hip Shoreditch triangle – a venue where I have previously exhibited my artwork.

Mutant Nail Heart

As well as having my own dedicated page on the Creative Debuts' site, and their Tweet shows images of several of my artworks, the group's Facebook page featured my 'Mutant Nail Heart' sculpture, saying this about it -

“Wayne is well known for his sculptures, with "Mutant Nail Heart" being a prime example. This piece is a carved wooden sculpture influenced by the minkisi artefacts of Africa, comprising of carved wooden totems that have had nails and other metal items hammered into them. As a result Chisnall created a similar artwork but that had a powerful presence derived purely from its adornment of carefully selected nails and screws- showing a ritualistic side of everyday life and the physical embodiments of the personal belief systems we all create. 

Check out Wayne's amazing Creative Debuts
Facebook: Wayne Chisnall's Artwork” 

Kitchen Blue

Check out Creative Debuts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and at their own website.

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