Wednesday, 10 September 2014

'Scenes of Mild Peril' – The Scaramanga Six

Okay, there's no confirmed release date yet but those northern music monkeys, The Scaramanga Six are at it again. Never ones to rest on their laurels, their latest creative outpouring comes in the form of 'Scenes of Mild Peril', a fourteen track , live-in-session CD/DVD. This two-disc package includes four brand new songs, and features my sculpture, 'Nail Box'. Ahh! Bless his spiky little heart... now he's on an album cover he thinks he's a rock star.

Trying to describe this gloriously eccentric rock, pop quartet (possibly quintet – it's hard to keep track), I found my inner muso tragically still born, so instead shamelessly lifted the following info (alas, I'll never make it into journo heaven) from the Scaramanga's own site.

 'The Scaramanga Six is the brainchild of headstrong siblings Paul and Steven Morricone. Not in any way like your conventional mindless rock-star filth, The Morricone brothers appear more like a pair of polite and softly-spoken, yet viciously intense and sadistic nightclub bouncers. Raised in the Westcountry seaside resort of Weston-Super-Mare on an education of Stranglers records (by elder brothers) and Tony Bennett records (by their Mum), the young Morricone twins discovered there was much fun to be had in crooning and shouting in equal measures. The Scaramanga Six was finally realised in the dark & drizzly backdrop of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire where the band still lurk to this very day.' 

Cover photo courtesy of photographer, Rosie Mayell.

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