Sunday, 31 August 2014

Half Price Print Sale (all of September)

Two blog posts in one day – this has gotta be a record for me.

My birthday month is almost upon us (yes, I greedily choose the celebrate my birthday over a wider time scale than some. In fact, as a friend's wedding will also be falling within September, I plan to hijack his celebrations too) so to celebrate I'm having a 50% off sale on all of my prints on paper.

The regular, eleven months of the year, prices are in-keeping with that of the galleries that sell my work for me, but September is a carefree month. She doesn't care about galleries and their rules. She wants to let her hair down and run naked through the.... er, sorry... where was I? Oh yes! September – half price prints sale!

So, from tomorrow onwards, until September 30th, my Swirly Skulls (black and white) screen print will be £60, Swirly Skulls on Pink will be £70, Morphed Components (my personal favourite, and now tying in with my current sculpture project – see previous post) will be £80, and the Spidey Pods screen prints will be £100 each.

So if you'd like one of my screen prints while they're still half price drop me a line at and I'll exchange you a big bit of paper for some smaller ones.

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