Friday, 20 June 2014

Tattooed Tumour Box (Work in Progress)

I'm currently on a new drawing/sculptural piece called 'Tattooed Tumour Box'. At the moment it's little more than a wooden cube, but it will eventually have more box structures 'growing' out of it (not unlike my Crutch and Tumour Box sculpture), and be covered in a series of my morphed components sketches – all meshed together to form one fully enveloping drawing.

I had initially planned to have it ready to enter for this year's Jerwood Drawing Prize (deadline now expired), but I soon realised that coming up with the drawings alone, never mind the rest of the box structures, will probably take me a few more weeks.

The drawing element that I've already transposed to the initial cube section is taken from my Morphed Components graphite ink, screen print. And like the drawing that the print was originally based upon, this second drawing, soon to be transposed to the sculpture, is also a rendering of found objects (albeit exaggerated, and morphed together) that I've collected for possible use in future sculptures.

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