Sunday, 29 September 2013

Thank You Skull-A-Day

In all the rush of getting ready for last month's trip I didn't manage to thank those freaky folks at Skull-A-Day for mentioning my Swirly Skull tote bags, on their wonderfully addictive site. So now I'd like to send them a double thank you as they've just featured my recent Skull Tower painting.

For anyone that hasn't checked out their site then the blog's name pretty much says it all (resisting the urge to say that bloody awful 'what it says on the tin' phrase). Every day they feature a different skull image; be it a painting, drawing, sculpture or whatever. My favourites are the simulacra skulls, where people have submitted photos of everyday objects that bear skull-like markings. They're a bit like those photos where people claim to see the face of Jesus in a taco, or Mother Teresa in a Chelsea Bun. Although to be fare, pretty much all Chelsea bun's look a lot like Mother Teresa's face.

So if you're anything like me, and have had a life-long passion for anything skull-related, then this is definitely the site for you.

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