Wednesday, 11 September 2013

On Telly!

I'm finally back from my short but hectic around the world trip (taking in Dubai, Melbourne, Tasmania, Hong Kong, Alaska, New York and Virginia, before touching back down in London – all in 25 days), so I suppose I had better post some up-dates on what my artwork has been up to in my absence.

The inaugural We Are Art People exhibition (a group show in which I exhibited two sculptures and two prints) at the Naked Eye Gallery in Hove, East Sussex went so well that it got extended. And I'm looking forward to finding out how the special, one night only event on the 5th September, at Lounge Lover went. It was a sort of pre-launch of Laissez Fare Art. It was also the second time that I've exhibited along side Tessa Farmer who's work I unexpectedly came across at MONA, my now favourite museum, in Tasmania. MONA is what you'd expect a Bond villain's secret base to look like if he'd suddenly decided to give up his plans for world domination and convert it into a museum of strange and macabre art. Right up my street!

And another unexpected thing that happened to me whilst I was in Australia was finding out that my life-sized, self portrait, model kit sculpture, 'And When I'm a Man', appeared on the Channel 4 programme, Four Rooms, back here in the UK. I knew that the piece had been filmed for the programme but it was so long ago that I'd thought that maybe the channel might not use the footage. Anyway – if you want to see how things went you can check it out here (well, for the next 18 days anyway). The segment about my sculpture first appears around 20 minutes, 20 seconds into the show.

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