Monday, 21 January 2013

Nunhead Cemetery Recon

Highgate Cemetery might be the final resting place of some of the big hitters on the necro-celeb list but, for me, Nunhead is still the finest cemetery in London. Okay, it's not as overgrown and wild as once was but it's still a great place to go exploring, or take a Sunday stroll. It is full of beautifully weathered monuments and grave stones and its 52 acres is just about big enough to get yourself lost in.

So, as you can imagine, I was delighted when artist and curator, Jolanta Jagiello, invited me to take part in the 'Vignetted Windows Foretold' project - the start of which coincides with the cemetery's open house weekend (23rd/24th September). For this semi-outdoor art exhibition (the building has no roof), myself and ten other artists will each create an individual, made-to-measure artwork which will be hung in the glassless windows of the Restored Anglican Chapel. This beautifully imposing building is visible from the cemetery's Linden Grove entrance.

In this photo from a recent reconnaissance trip to Nunhead you can see the daunting size of the windows that we went to measure up. For my part I plan to build and install two narrow but 235cm tall, frame sculptures. I'll be taking a little inspiration from my current work (see my previous blog post) and plan to incorporate an array of doll parts.

Other participating artists include Debora Mo, Ahmed Farooqui, Anna Whyatt, Jill Rock, Abilene, Sally Buchanan, Elizabetha Chojak, Richard Tilby, Robert Aldous and Jolanta Jagiello.

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