Monday, 18 June 2012

Nokia Article - Junk Rock!

Regardless of what my ego might want to believe I always have more than one foot in the 'don't believe the hype' camp. However, it is still rather lovely to have my work featured in the recent Nokia Connects article Junk Rock! The 7 greatest upcycled artworks ever alongside works by such greats as Duchamp, Picasso, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Erika Iris Simmons, Seo Young-Deok and Thomas Allen.

The article is by the talented writer and photographer, Adam Monaghan and features my Magnet sculpture which, fortuitously, can currently be seen at the new Domus showroom in Clerkenwell, London (see posts below for full details). So if you would like to see the piece in the flesh, so to speak, feel free to pop along. The show will be on till 28th June and feature eight of my pieces alongside works by David Mach, Garry Martin (check out his hyper-realistic space hopper sculpture), Alex Chinneck and Julian Wild.

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