Friday, 22 June 2012

Last Week of Domus Show

The inaugural Domus art show is now in it's final week so for anyone who won't be able to get along to the showroom in person I thought I'd post a few pics to give you a little taste of what you're missing. The four amazing artists that I am exhibiting work alongside are David Mach (RA), Gary MartinAlex Chinneck and Julian Wild. I was going to post a few photos from the opening party but all I found on my camera afterwards were a load of blurry photos of me hugging people whilst laughing my head off (not really the uncivilised behaviour that you would come to expect from an artist – I do apologize).

This is my 'Dreams of Being Batman' sculpture.

 And this is my new piece, 'Orifice Tower' – the first time it's been on public display.

 Here in the foreground you can see one of Gary Martin's rather splendidly executed resin, balloon sculptures – with my 'Kitchen Blue' painting in the background.

 This is also 'Planetoid 210's first public exhibition.

I'm very fond of this piece by Julian Wild.

 After spending so long cooped up in my studio I think that 'Nail Box' is quite enjoying the opportunity to check out all the ladies as they walk past the Domus window.

But for anyone that can make it along to the exhibition before it comes down on the 29th June here's the address - Domus, 50 Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 0DF (open 9-5pm, Monday-Friday).


Adam Monaghan said...

Looks great. The photo of Magnet with the text in the background is really cool too!

Wayne Chisnall said...

Thanks Adam - yeah, I was quite chuffed when I noticed how well the background text fitted around the sculpture. Cheers!