Monday, 12 April 2010

From Finland With Love

Here’s the before and after images from the first piece in a mail art project that I’ve just added my personal touch (the tendrils) to. The project was the idea of the photographer and artist, Adam Monaghan, who is now based in Finland. The basic premise of the project is that Adam sends out sets of four 18 x 18 cm paintings/collages (that he has started) to various artists around the world. These artists then add to the works and post them onto another artist in the group, who does likewise. Once an artist feels the work is complete they return to Adam. Eventually, when all the works have been returned, we’ll have a small show somewhere and exhibit the end results. The artists currently taking part in the project are Tony Deleon in New York, Dale Devereux Barker in Ipswich, Katie Waller in Brighton, Kunigunda Dineikaite in Lithuania, Adam Monaghan in Finland and myself here in London.

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