Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Big Draw – Travelling Moleskins.

A group called The Culture Vulture (not to be confused with Miss Holly Howe’s fabulous London based Culture Vulture group) have teamed up with The Big Draw and come up with the Travelling Moleskine project.
The idea behind the project is than a number of differently themed Moleskine sketchbooks are passed on from artist to artist, with each person filling a page or two with a drawing or some other form of mark making.
The theme of the book that I got my grubby paws on was ‘My Grand Finale’ and here is my contribution.
By the end of September, all the sketch books should find their way back to The Culture Vultures, who will be holding a great big arty party and exhibition.

To find out more about the project, The Culture Vultures, The Big Draw and the Campaign For Drawing check out the sites listed below -






Holly Howe said...

Great drawing. I'll see that it gets used for your memorial card should you kick the bucket (and I mean that in a nice way, cause I know you really like that song). Thanks for the shout-out too!

Dan Sumption said...

Excellent! Thanks for doing this Wayne.