Sunday, 17 August 2008

Fast Track: The ING Sculpture School

I’m currently teaching on an ‘Introduction to Sculpture’ workshop at ING Bank’s main London office at 60 London Wall. This is part of ING’s Formula 1 arts programme, Fresh Eyes (
The programme involves five sculptors (all members of the Royal British Society of Sculptors) teaching sculpting, mould-making, carving and assemblage to five teams of five ING employees, one day a week, over eight weeks.
This photo shows my team getting to grips with assemblage, the final stage of the introduction phase of the course. Next week they select their chosen field of sculpture and make a start on their final piece which will be exhibited in an exhibition at the London Wall offices later in the year.
It’s been fun working with the team and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. I’m looking forward to seeing what they finally produce.

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