Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Spidey at Victoria & Albert Museum

'Spidie Pods' Print, originally uploaded by Wayne Chisnall.

One of my Spidey Pods prints is currently on show in London at ‘Vamalgam 3’, The Victoria and Albert Museum’s third almost-annual staff show.

Editions are also on sale throughout London at ‘Beyond The Valley’ (off Carnaby Street), ‘The Jago’ (Shoreditch) and ‘F-art’ (off Brick Lane).

However, to buy a print direct from me at the commission-free price of £100 (almost half the gallery price), send me an email at or and I’ll get back to you. If you want I’ll even throw in a few stickers for free.

Each of the ‘Spidey Pods’ silk-screen prints is hand printed on acid-free, high-grade archival paper. All of them are signed and numbered. They are from an edition of 300 and there are a few low numbers left as I have not been selling them in chronological order. However, for some reason I do get more requests for the prints with low edition numbers so they tend to go faster.
The dimensions of each print are roughly 58 x 53 cm.

All prints are rolled in acid-free tissue paper and posted in sturdy cardboard postal tubes with sealed plastic stoppers. Postage and packaging is free to UK customers (with a small charge for customers outside the UK - sorry).


bLaCkPh03Nix said...

Hey dude. Love your stuff, especially the spidey stcker (where'd you get them done???!!! cool!!) My name is Larry and I'm about to graduate from my MA at the Slade--I think you exhibited recently with a friend of mine, Elisabeth? Anyhow, saw your sticker (which is going on my new macbook shell!) and thought I'd check it out. Catch me on:


peace artistic bredren


bLaCkPh03Nix said...

Hi I hope this works this time as I am now losing patience.....(third time lucky)

I saw your cool sticker at richmix and picked it up (nice, whered you get it done?) Love the spidey stuff by the way! I'm an artist also and am about to graduate from the MA at Slade....I think you exhibited with a friend of mine on a recent group show (elizabeth)?

Anyhow, I have a myspace and will soon be bloging here also. Would be good to talk more!