Tuesday, 30 May 2017

RCA Secret Postcards 2017

It seems that the secret postcard season is almost upon us again. Having recently completed and donated four A5 postcard-sized artworks for the OliBennett charity sale (which takes place on 22nd June 2017), it is now time for me to send off the two works that I have just finished for the Royal College of Art's annual secret postcard exhibition and sale.

If not the first (for all I know it may well be), then the RCA's secret postcard sale is definitely the most famous, and the one which kicked off the recent trend. For those that still don't know how the sale works, and surely there can't be that many of you now, here's what the RCA site has to say on the matter -

"RCA Secret will return to the Royal College of Art in September 2017. The RCA's annual fundraising postcard sale will feature over 2,000 postcard-sized drawings, collages, photographs and sculptures by some of the world’s most celebrated artists and designers, as well as by promising students from the College.

RCA Secret attracts high-profile art collectors and passionate art lovers. Each of the postcards on display is sold anonymously for £55, with the identity of the maker revealed only when the purchase is complete. All profits from the sale go towards the RCA Student Award Fund, which helps emerging artists at a formative stage in their careers by funding scholarships to the College".

I've been one of the participating RCA Secret artists for the last fifteen years or so now. As the identities of the postcards' creators are kept secret until the point of purchase on the day of the sale I obviously can't let you know beforehand which pieces in the show are mine (I may have mischievously broken this rule one year), but to give you a fighting chance of guessing, all I'll say is that the four small paintings you see here were created at the same time as my two entries for this year.


Dyson Gallery

Royal College of Art
Dyson Building
1 Hester Road
London SW11 4AN

Exhibition and Sale

9–15 September
9am – 6pm

Late Opening

11 and 15 September, until 8pm

Collection Day

16 April, 9am


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