Monday, 7 July 2014

Tattooed Tumour Box (Work Still in Progress)

As you can see from this recent photos from my studio, my tattooed Tumour Box sculpture is progressing nicely. Most of the additional box sections have already been constructed (unless I deceide to let the piece grow totally out of control) but until I come up with the rest of the requisite drawings and transpose them to the sculpture's, now multifaceted, surface I can't actually start gluing any of the parts together. 

First I have to construct every section, work out how it will all eventually fit together, come up with a separate drawing for each section (working out how each drawing will flow over the various planes and fit in with all the drawings covering the rest of the piece), transfer each drawing to its relevant section, and only then will I get to the fun bit of sticking it all together.

One of the difficulties of constructing the individual sections in the first place is that until the sections that go before them are actually glued in place to the main body of the sculpture, it's hard to work out the dimensions for these later sections. But I suppose that the challenge is part of the fun - at least it keeps the grey matter ticking.

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