Saturday, 6 April 2013

Move Over Tooth Fairy

Do any of you kind folks out there have any unwanted teeth that you wouldn't mind donating to me, for use in some artworks that I'm planning? I don't know - maybe the Tooth Fairy over reached her quota and needs to off-load a few. Either way, I'd be most grateful for any donations and promise to use them in a respectfully frivolous manner.

Now I'm not advocating that you pull out any of your own teeth (unless you really want to - hey! they're your teeth – who am I to say what you choose to do with them), or anyone else’s for that matter (unless you're a dentist – then that's kind of a given), but if you do have some already lying around and would generously like to pass them on, please feel free to contact me at .


Steve Dininno said...

Great work Wayne!

Wayne Chisnall said...

Cheers Steve!