Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bye Bye Greeny

It's fourteen years since I first made my life-sized pre-assembly model kit sculpture (cast from my own body parts in twelve sections) and now I've had to say good bye to my Green Man as it has found a new home in the heart of London's medical district. The official, full title of the piece is 'And When I'm a Man (I'll Think as a Man)' but in conversation I always end up calling it the Green Man for short.

 Anyway, here it is – installed in its new and rather salubrious surroundings at Dawood and Tanner's specialist dental practice in Marylebone. As dental practices go, Dawood and Tanner are truly something special. Not only do they seem to be leading the way in the use of 3D scanning and rapid prototyping techniques in the medical field (check out the interesting cabinet of fabricated skull sections in their lobby) but Andrew Dawood is a talented artist himself, putting this fascinating technology to good use in his own sculptures - some of which are also on display at the practice.

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