Wednesday, 30 November 2011

2011 RCA Secret Postcards Revealed

Now that this year's RCA Secret has come to an end I can reveal my entries. This year I entered three drawings under my given name, Wayne Chisnall, and three painted and drawn-over Swirly Skull prints under my nickname, Chig.

To see all six postcards just go to my Oodles of Doodles blog.

And to find out the names of the artists behind any of this year's artwork you can still view this year's cards online.


Anonymous said...

Wow Chig, it seems you're really living the dream. Great to see you kept your foot on the steam & never let up on achieving your goals as a bona-fide 'proper' artist. Keep up the phenomenal work & I hope to get to one of your exhibitions very soon. Best wishes mate, Sandy

Wayne Chisnall said...

Thanks for that matey. Let me know when you're next in London and we can catch up over a beer. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I most certainly will mate. Have a good Christmas & hopefully I'll see you in the new year....Sandy