Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Where Art You Interview

If anyone out there is interested in reading any more of my ramblings then please feel free to check out the interview that I just had with Where Art You editor, Helen Wilson. Where Art You is a website about art in London - featuring the latest reviews, previews, interviews and much more. The site is pretty darned good so even if you don’t really want to listen to what I have to say it’s worth checking out for the reviews and other stuff.

To wet your appetite (or kill it altogether) here’s the first question and my response -

As your model kit When I Am A Man suggests, many young boys want to be soldiers when they grow up – what was your childhood ambition?

Apart from a few very brief periods when I quite fancied being either a bin man, a monk, a steam roller driver or a kamikaze pilot (I was very young when I wanted to be the later and probably didn’t really understand the limited career path of being a human bomb, or the fact that I needed to be Japanese and born a few decades earlier) I always wanted to do something involving art.
As a child I would obsessively draw, paint and build stuff, so when I was old enough to realise that there were jobs out there that allowed you to carry on doing these things into adulthood I pretty much wanted to do all of them. I wanted to be everything from an architect to an illustrator to an animator to a comic book artist. But I was also a massive horror fan as a child and would fantasize about working in the film industry and making monsters for movies – although, growing up in semi-rural Shropshire, this seemed a world away and just a pipe dream.

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