Saturday, 20 November 2010

RCA No-longer Secret 2010

Well, the RCA Secret is over for another year so now I can reveal which were my six postcard-sized artworks.

Number 411 (Jellyscuttle). Quite a few people worked this one out because it’s a copy of one of my quick-fire drawings.

This tentacle orifice box pencil sketch which was bought by Mr Adam Stone (one of the many dedicated front line RCA enthusiasts who braved the cold weather and camped out for the opening) was number 701 in the show.

Like the previous drawing, this orifice box sketch (number 2002) was probably quite easy to work out as being one of mine, especially if you’ve look at my new series of sculptures.

Number 2441 is a follow up piece to last year’s Love Is card – and features one of the same creatures. A friend told me that they thought the Love Is drawing seemed cynical so I thought I’d up the ante a little with this one.

I entered these last two biro drawings under my nickname, Chig (I thought it needed an outing). They proved to be the hardest ones for people to work out as being mine. This one, number 2210, is of a crow (my favourite bird) with human-like hands instead of feet. Actually there seemed to be a few crow pictures in the show this year. I've just found out that my Werecrow card is now in the possession of Sandy Lyell, up in Edinburgh - thanks for the lovely email Sandy.

I drew this winged torpedo one, number 605, after I got back from viewing an exhibition by a Russia artist in Shoreditch. In the show the artist (whose name I shamefully can’t remember) had made a model submarine that travelled up and down a massive water-filled Perspex tube that ran the length of the gallery.

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