Friday, 25 June 2010

Geneva Art Fair - The Book

Laurence Longueville who curated last year’s Art Park Fair International in Geneva, Switzerland has just produced a book to commemorate the event. This guide features work by over 22 emerging and established international artists (me being one of them). An image of my life-size model kit sculpture, ‘And When I’m a Man’, appears somewhere in the middle of the catalogue.
To view the book and its contents on-line just click on this link.


Andrew Finnie said...

Nice work Wayne, congrats, not only on being in the book, but for such a good work. Your body molded I take it? In that case, a "life mask' as opposed to a death mask - luckily!

Wayne Chisnall said...

Cheers Andrew - glad you liked the work and yes it was my body that I used for the casts. Nobody else seemed to be up for it.