Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Brain Unravelled – Opening Party

I woke today, after the excesses of last night’s opening party, and felt like my brain had been unravelled. A mixture of red wine, white wine, Guinness and two and a half hours sleep are definitely not conducive with having to get up bright and early at 7 AM.
I’d like to say thanks to everyone who made it to the show and apologise for my drunken ramblings – damn, I’ve just remembered that there was a video camera in front of my face at one point – that’s not gonna look pretty.
Well, everything went well. The turn out was fantastic and lots of people seemed to be having fun interacting with my sculpture. In fact there were quite a few interactive pieces in the show. Ben Ashton’s gigantic viewer sculpture, that alters your depth perception and makes everything look like a little scale model, has to one of my favourite pieces in the exhibition.
I say that everything went well – however, there was a bit of a crossing of wires which meant that some people were left waiting outside while the Culture Minister gave her opening speech inside. So sorry to anybody who had to wait and I hope that the show was reward enough for your patience. I know I had a bloody good time – at least that’s what everyone is telling me ;o)

Oh - I've just remebered another thing. Tonight is the final Tuesday late view (6-10 pm) for the Candid Gallery Summer Show. As I have 11 pieces in the show I had better pop along, although I doubt that I will be celebrating quite as fully as I did last night. For details of the show please check out the details somewhere below. Cheers.

Photos by Phil Sofer

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