Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Sunburn on the South Bank

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Writing On The Wall event at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank this Saturday just gone – especially Mr James White, without who’s assistance I definitely wouldn’t have got the sculpture finished in the allotted six hours.
At first we thought that we would pace ourselves in case we finished the piece before the 4 pm deadline but as 2 O’clock came round we suddenly got the fear as we realised that 2 hours to design, cut and sew a cloak (including making and attaching the arm sections) was not a lot of time. Fortunately we managed to complete the work with a few seconds to spare and judging from the amount of kids who were playing with it while we were still making it and the number of adults having their photos taken along side it, I think it was a successful project.
Even with the early morning start and the showery weather meaning that we had to move the roof-top after party downstairs to inside the Queen Elizabeth Hall, everyone involved seemed to have a great time. Apologies however to everyone if I wasn’t very chatty on the day but the mixture of sleep deprivation and sun burn had taken its toll. By 11 pm as the United Underground part of the event wound down I was definitely ready for bed (after a couple of quick pints in the pub first – obviously).

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