Monday, 3 November 2008

FEFE Magazine - What You Own Wil Finally Own You

The new issue of FEFE magazine is finally out and it has three pages dedicated to my work. My involvement came about thanks to a chance meeting with the magazine's editor/art director, Luigi Vernieri, at a Black Rat Press street art show in Shrodeitch, East London some months ago. Luigi told me that every issue features the work of 25 invited artists, 1 child and 1 writer, who interpret a line or piece of dialogue from a film. When he told me what this issue's theme was going to be I was excited about how I would respond to it as it was from one of my favourite films, Fight Club, and the phrase was 'What you own will finally own you' - a theme that a lot of my previous work has touched upon.
As you can see from the the work (above) that I produced for FEFE, I chose to create a figure that is composed of and ultimately tied down by consumer goods. The image is shown as a centre spead on pages 68 and 69 of the magazine, and page 98 features more of my work along with a short statement.
FEFE magazine is now available in most branches of Borders book shops in the UK as well as in smaller art and magazine outlets. It is also available throughout America, Asian and Europe. For more details about FEFE and their other projects check out

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