Monday, 30 June 2008

A Gothic Story art exhibition

The opening night of the 'A Gothic Story' exhibition went really well. Lots of people turned up and every one seemed to enjoy the suitable eerie atmosphere of the venue, down in the basement of Shoreditch Town Hall, London. I'm sure the free drink also helped things along.
I had a fantastic response to my five sculptures displayed in the main entrance hall and the eight smaller pieces that comprised my shelf installation in the pipe room. 'Sleeping Beauty Box' (just about viewable in the above photo) proved to be a favourite with many people. This was great as it was the first time that I exhibited this piece. To view more images from the show simply click on the 'recent flickr images' slide show at the top left-hand corner of this page.

On Thursday 3rd July at 7pm there will be a talk and torch lit tour through the show. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Holly Howe said...

It was a great exhibition in an amazing space - your sculptures certainly contributed to the gothic feel of the venue