Sunday, 30 March 2008

'Spidie Pods' Print

'Spidie Pods' Print, originally uploaded by Wayne Chisnall.

Just a quick reminder that I still have copies of this print for sale. Also, I have found a company, 'Eden Image', who can make up really great lookin white box frames that go perfectly with the print.

Here's the print's details -

Limited edition, hand-printed, silk-screen prints on acid-free, archival high grade paper. Signed and numbered. Edition of 300.
Title: ‘Spidie Pods’.
Dimensions: 58 x 53 cm.
Price: 100 pounds
To buy a print contact me at

Alternatively you can buy this print from:
Beyond The Valley, 2 Newburgh St. London, W1F 7RD (020 7437 7338)
F-art, Cheshire St. off Brick Lane, East London (020 77295411)


calski said...

I noticed your Spidy blog sticker at the foundry last week.
I'm liking your work, keep it up.

I will put a link on my blog to your blog too.


Wayne Chisnall said...
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